Joining veganism

Slowly, i’m starting to believe being a vegan is like joining a new religion. I’ve been fully vegan for a little while now but iv been on the journey as a pescatarian for over 3 months now, and it has been life changing to say the least, I am more conscious without a doubt, I never though with a new change in diet would come a new found knowledge on the body and food and other general yet extremely useful stuff about health. But this change has indeed separated me to some degree, I thought it would be okay- the fact that I now eat different from everyone else in my circle, and it is. But now I find myself trying to “save” my friends and my family, I have this itch to tell everyone just how bad our beloved milk really is and that meat that we all believe is good for protein- I roll my eyes in irritation. Propaganda is one of my new frequently used words. And I know I shouldn’t be irritated- or trying to put people off their food. I should be sitting quietly in a corner eating my meal and allowing them to eat theirs. But how can I let that go on with what I know. So its safe to say that I do feel like I’m in a new religion. Im cramming information down unknowing peoples throats because they don’t know any better, I need to save them right? Wrong. I know its wrong, Im working on finding the balance. Be the change I wish to see, and all that good stuff.


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