Vegan: When you don’t feel like cooking

On my vegan journey, one thing I have thoroughly enjoyed and has been a new endeavour for me- is cooking. When I wasn’t a vegan I hardly cooked, and when I did, I was absolutely lazy about it and was hardly racking my brain for something new. Now, I find that being a vegan has demanded of me to experiment with a variety of foods that I otherwise would’ve overlooked, and has opened my eyes to many different types of seasonings.

However, there are days when I just don’t feel like making a meal. And for a while I did slack off with the cooking and instead settled for snacking- which did have a negative impact on my energy levels. Noticing this, I realised that preparation was really going to save the time and effort required for cooking, and make the process a little more appealing.

Here are some ideas for quicker eating:


Growing up in a Nigerian household, my mother instilled in me the importance of freezing.. absolutely any and everything!

But I find this is a great way of skipping that sometimes lengthy chopping stage. Chop your vegetables when you do have the time and energy, so on those lazy days you’ll thank yourself. This freezing method also works amazingly well with fruits and is a great way to preserve them, have you ever tried frozen blueberries? Yum!

frozen veg.jpg

Cooking in bulk

Another method (also inspired by my mother) is cooking in bulk. I am still yet to try this, but cooking in bulk and planning your meals for the week ahead ensures you won’t miss out on a good meal on those cant-be-bothered-to-cook days, and gives you the peace of mind if you have a busy schedule. The youtuber Cheap Lazy Vegan demonstrates this to perfection


Okay Iv only got two ideas- feel free to recommend me any of your own! Enjoy your food preparations 🙂


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