Healthy living: Super smoothies

As I stepped through the gates at Oxford street station my eyes lit up at the sight of a chic new and very well located “supernatural juice and smoothie bar”.

A couple of months ago Id been an avid user of my nutribullet, but as time passed the excitement died down. Something was telling me I really needed to start incorporating more fruits into my diet more regularly. So, to see this new and polished smoothie bar was a much-needed sign. I had to try one, I knew it would spark the desire to make one of my own and plus, i’d never actually tried a smoothie outside the ones I make myself.

I was spoilt for choice at the many options and beautifully mixed smoothie blends.

After a long deliberation, I chose the strawberry zing, which incorporated strawberry, lemon, ginger and honey…. This was the best smoothie iv ever had in my life -no exaggeration. The flavours worked wonderfully as I expected, the punchy blend had me bamboozled and delighted- yes bamboozled! It really was a beautiful concoction.

Before I got home I stopped off at my local Lidl supermarket and picked up a few fruits to rekindle my smoothie making days. I carefully selected what fruits would go in my smoothie, being cautious of both flavour and the benefits it would have for my body. I purchased 2 mangos, limes, strawberries and blueberries. After peeling and cutting I also added some chia seeds -for good measure and added a hint.. and I do mean a hint, of Spirulina (anybody who has tasted spirulina would know why lol)

And voila! My blueberry mirage -as iv decided to call it. It was sweet to the taste with just the right mix of everything, and thank goodness I couldn’t really taste the Spirulina, which made it all the more magical. So far Iv made this smoothie 3 times, its safe to say that this is my go to recipe, and its also made me wonder, healthy living doesn’t have to be boring or bland, Iv had the most fun being a vegan, who ever knew Id get all the sweetness in one smoothie blend without any sight of concentrated sugars. I certainly didn’t.

strawberry mirage copy

I definitely recommend my new custom-made smoothie blend. Below Iv listed all the benefits of the ingredents used. Particularly spirulina!- we have a love hate relationship, but it is something that I am starting to incorporate more into my diet, at least 3 times a week to be exact.
A few benefits of ingredients used in Blueberry Mirage:


Low in calories, but high in nutrients
Can help maintain brain function and improve memory
Reduce DNA damage, which may help protect against ageing and cancer
Protect cholesterol in the Blood from becoming damaged
Substances in them may help fight urinary tract infections


Prevents cancer
Lowers cholesterol
Clears the skin
Improves eye health
Alkalises the whole body


Loaded with vitamins
Help you detox
Contains antibiotic properties
lime could stop acne-causing bacteria.


Low in calories – high in fibre
Helps burn stored fat
Anti-aging properties
Promotes bone health
Boosts short-term memory

Super-rich in vitamins: Rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, E, and K. Vitamin A is really important here because it has been specifically correlated with longer lifespan.
Protein powerhouse:  Spirulina has the highest concentration of protein of any known food.
Superhuman regeneration: The antioxidant phycocyanin found in Spirulina has the ability to trigger the production of stem cells. Stems cells literally have the ability to become any cells that your body needs.

Body fat & weight loss: By eating amazingly nutrient dense foods like Spirulina, you’re giving your body the raw materials it needs to keep you healthy and trigger the secretion of the satiety hormone leptin to helps keep your appetite in check.

Anti-viral, anti-cancer, and anti-aging effects.
Recently Iv found it interesting to research the benefits of the foods I put in my body, doing this motivates me to continue eating healthy.

Enjoy your juicing x


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