Ever-changing self

What happens when your beliefs about who you are is challenged, completely altering who you thought you were, the only thing that was constant in this ever changing society.


Im dream hopping like inception, in one dream I’m this kind and loving individual who not everybody likes but is okay with that, I’m funny, I’m cool, I’m me. In the next dream, I’m mean, my opinions are overbearing I’m narcissistic and closed off. And this is happening at a swift pace. In my dreams I am always someone different, some so dissimilar from the previous dream.

The universe is challenging me. Shaking me awake to the reality that all these different personas that I have so heavily identified with is not me.

Have you woken up from a dream and ever been angry, sad or frustrated because you’ve carried the emotions through into your reality? Well now that I am awake, I am somewhat disappointed and taken aback, that is because I believed in these personas, I grew attached to the dreams, the illusions, the stories I created for myself, the stories of me I allowed others to create for me.

But Iv also woken up realising that like the matrix, I can do anything and be whoever I want to be consciously, no longer asleep. I cling to none of these personas because I am free, even from myself, the me I believe is me.


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