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A purpose… even in retail

One thing Im learning very quickly, in fact a little too quickly in this job, is that people don’t value you when you work in retail. Like many jobs out there, you are no longer seen as a human past the interview stage but just a mere worker who is expected to have no emotion other…


Being in touch with nature makes you realise that stress is an illusion created by the mind. Grounding centres you and keeps you in touch with what is really important. The now- the only moment that really matters. Always make time for nature. ConsciousnessJourneyLifeThoughtsWriting

Ever-changing self

What happens when your beliefs about who you are is challenged, completely altering who you thought you were, the only thing that was constant in this ever changing society.   Im dream hopping like inception, in one dream I’m this kind and loving individual who not everybody likes but is okay with that, I’m funny, I’m cool, I’m…